THE GIRLS (Showcase gig)
Recording Studio, Shepherd's Bush, Monday June 24th

Arriving in Shepherd's Bush in a whirl of glitter and eyeliner, pencil-thin tie and flip-flops, please welcome... The Girls.

The first thing you should know about The Girls is that they're not. Girls, that is. Evannson (vocals), Joseph (bass and vocals) and ??? (drums and, yes, vocals) are very definitely on the male side of the gender divide. Three chiselled rock-gods from Bath (maybe the only 3 good looking men in Bath?) they've been together for several years playing to the farmers, the rugby meatheads and the inbreeds, honing their spiky, dirty, fuzzy art-rock into an streamilned yet heavy-as-fuck live experience.

Having seen the Girls play a full set and deliver the kind of show that has 15 year olds jumping about with gay abandon and the grown ups smiling knowingly as influence after influence is revealed and subverted, tonight's three song showcase is built to impress.

If I was an A&R man with a chequebook burning a hole in my pocket, after hearing ?,? and ? I'd be checking that my biro had enough ink. If The Girls were sluttier, more willing to settle for a quick-one, they'd probably already be kicking Busted's fake pop-punk arse around the corridors of the Top Of The Pops studios. Tonight could be a step in the right direction, girls...

Richy [ June 29th, 2004 ]

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