Carling Hammersmith Apollo, April 8th

Goldie Looking Chain are already tearing up the stage as we arrive and it's quite a site. 10 or 12 pikeys in terrible streetwear that was dated the minute it crossed the counter, all baseball caps, retro trainers and jewellery, rapping in broad Welsh accents about selling weed from their Capris. 1 part 50 Cents, 3 parts Dirty Sanchez and 6 parts Derek and Clive, the GLC are absolutely hilarious, and they "knows it".

I'm sure there are people in the audience who don't get it at first, but if there were any doubts, set closer "Your Mother's Got A Penis" clears them up. With it's gag-inducingly descriptive lyrics and shout along chorus, it brings the house down and the GLC leave us, feeling somewhat... violated.

One word sums up the Super Furry Animals tonight - disappointing. I love the last two albums, full as they are of perfect pop gems and surf-tinged melodies, but I expected the stage show to somehow "transcend". Things start well with Lead singer Gruff Rhys singing the first song from within a huge Power Rangers helmet followed by a superb chaotic version of "Motherfokker" during which the GLC re-emerge to add extra yob-style.

But then things go a little flat. Even Golden Retriever seems a bit lacklustre and it's as if they've lost interest. The symbolic shooting-squad execution of the yetis at the end of the gig perhaps sums up their antipathy towards the songs they've been playing for the last few months. I had thought that the right place for these songs was in a live setiing, but now I'm going to stick to listening to them on my iPod on sunny, warm afternoons. Without a Welsh pikey in site.

Richy [ April 10th, 2004 ]

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