Electric Ballroom, March 16th

It's a great song. I know it. You know it. Everbody knows it. And tonight, it all anybody wants. There are about 600 people crammed in tonight, yet for the first few songs there is little of the energy you'd expect from a sold-out gig.

Snow Patrol have stepped up a division and find themselves in a transitional period, playing much bigger venues and facing a fast-growing audience, most of whom think they're watching a new band with a cracking first single. "Run" has been everywhere and it's obviously the only song most people here have heard, so despite coming onstage and cracking out a belting version of "Wow", they just don't get the kind of reaction that they deserve. Maybe in a few months time it won't be just the "hardcore" (if that's the right word to describe them) fans jumping up and down.

It's only during "Run" that both the crowd and the band really get to experience a true, hands in the air, sing-a-long, rock'n'roll moment. Grinning from ear-to-ear Gary lets the crowd sing the final chorus and the cheers and applause rattle around the venue for a good minute or two afterwards.

Throughout a set comprised mainly of tracks from "Final Straw" and a smattering of oldies ("An Olive Grove Facing The Sea" is the highlight for me) it's abundantly obvious that Snow Patrol are happy (and suprised) to be here. But to stay here and to progress, they need to do more than capitalise on the success of "Run" - they need to top it. And that may well prove difficult.

Richy [ March 18th, 2004 ]

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