LONGVIEW (Secret Gig)
Infinity, Great Burlington Street, London. February 10th 2004

Reviewed By RACHEL (First time reviewer!)

Amateur Girl Review - I'm new to this game, but Longview have been picked up and put in my pocket to stay, i think.

With their combination of anthemic melodies, and lyrics that would set off tears pretty quickly if I didn't have a beer to distract me, its better than 10 back to back episodes of Lassie! This is the second time I've seen them, and again, Doug 'The Trilby' (Guitarist) is wearing his face hiding stage get up, but vocalist Rob and bassist Aiden defiantly take centre stage for tonight's performance."You lot would be really intimidating if I wasn't so confident" says Rob, with a smile, at one point. Confidence comes easily to these boys.

Inferno is a very intimate venue, and they're up real close. This works well for the piano playing and slightly moodier numbers including an excellent stripped-back version of "Electricity". However, when they showcase their acoustic talents, it doesn't have quite the same root-me-to-the-floor effect as the storming rockers 'Further', 'If You Asked' and the frighteningly good 'Can't Explain'. For once, turning all the house lights off and getting the crowd to sing along (albeit a little sheepishly) actually works! Love you, boys!

Rachel [ February 12th, 2004 ]

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