The ICA, March 29th

A speculative trip to the ICA to see two hotly tipped bands.

First up, Kasabian. Coming on like Primal Scream or The Cooper Temple Clause fronted by a young Mick Jagger they have shitloads of attitude, the pre-requisite haircuts and a few good songs too. Their "processed beats" propel a massive wall of noise that is sometimes a little too reminiscent of all that early 90's Manc nonsense, but otherwise pretty decent. And it's always nice to see a lead singer get so caught up in things that they start to push other members of the band around the stage.

Headliners The Open are way too cool for any such shenanigans. Heavily influenced by 80's bands such as XTC, Echo & The Bunnymen and early U2, yet possessing a Johnny Greenwood clone on guitar, their sound is epic and yet not overblown. In much the same way that The Music have appropriated Led Zep and made it undoubtedly NOW these guys may well be able to achieve the impossible and make us remember Simple Minds in a better light. Set highlight is "Close My Eyes" a Talk Talk-esque pounder.

Have to agree with the tipsters on this form - both bands could be huge.

Richy [ March 31st, 2004 ]

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