Carling Academy Islington, March 8th

For a "good time" rock and roll band, Jet don't seem to be enjoying themselves very much. Maybe the long, hard slog from Aussie bar-band to world conquering rock behemoths has taken it out of them. Or, maybe, just maybe, they're waiting for us to realise that they're not all they're cracked up to be.

The songs and the rock attitude are there in spades. The AC/DCesque riffs of opening song, "Cold Hard Bitch" pound out persuausively enough and lead singer Nic definitely has a classic rock vocal. It only takes a couple of minutes for him to mount the monitors and start windmilling away and Chris smashes at his drum set as if he wants to smash it to pieces. But for all the posturing and VOLUME (the PA is really loud) there is something missing, it just doesn't seem as if there is any joy in what they do.

Tonight everybody's waiting for THAT single. But first we get the already familiar "Rollover DJ" and the slower "Look What You've Done" both of which rock in the requisite manner. Then the tamborine starts to shake and Mark thumps out the bassline from "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and the whole crowd is finally galvanized into something resembling a party. It really is as good on stage as it is on record, a three-minute blast of screaming, perfect, pop-rock. And it's a difficult act to follow.

Whilst all the songs that follow are good - especially the encore "Move On" which sees drummer Chris taking center stage and joking with the crowd - none of them are in the same league as AYGBMG. Jet are a good rock 'n' roll band, but good in a competent way rather than an earth-shattering, revelatory way.

People are asking whether Jet are the New Oasis. On this evidence I'd say not. But more importantly, who wants another Oasis? Surely one is more than enough...?

SET LIST: Cold Hard Bitch, Get What You Need, Sweet Young Thing, Rollover D.J., Look What Youíve Done, Lazy Gun, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Hey Kids, Last Chance, Get Me Outta Here, Take It Or Leave It, Move On, Thatís All Right

Richy [ March 10th, 2004 ]

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