Brixton Academy, March 19th

The Jaxx infection mutated slowly after it's initial gestation in the bowels of Brixton's seediest clubs, growing into something with a far more devastating potential. Now, having spent the last few years infecting the mainstream with unique, idiosyncratic dance music it looks like things may be out of control.

But Simon and Felix, the two mad scientists responsible for mixing the ingredients of this heady brew, know exactly where they're taking us and we've surrendered all control. 3000 people are caught up in the moment, hands reaching for the sky, feet pounding the floor in unison.

Like the plastic shards of shattered beer-glasses covering the grimy floor of the Brixton Academy, fragments of tonight litter my brain. Nothing whole emerges from the dry-ice fog that fills my memory, merely glimpses and incomplete recollections of a night spent smiling, laughing and dancing. The lights. The videoscreens. The ever changing line-up of vocalists. The guitar heroics. The turntable acrobatics. It all blurs into one hour-long EXPERIENCE.

It's only when you experience acts who successfully bridge the gap between rock gig and nightclub that things feel like this. Acts who can give it to you full in the face with both barrels. Acts like Underworld, Chemical Brothers and now, I'm suprised to discover, Basement Jaxx.

SET LIST:Couldn't tell you... they definitely played Romeo and Where's Your Head at though...

Richy [ March 21st, 2004 ]

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